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March 10th, 2014

What if Mrs. Gardiner and Lord Matlock Were Dear Old Friends?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In Lory Lilian’s third and much anticipated Pride and Prejudice tale she explores what would happen if characters like Mrs. Gardiner and Lord Matlock were more involved in the lives of their respective neice and nephew. She asks several what if questions: What if Mr. Gardiner passed away two years ago leaving Mrs. Gardiner a young, wealthy mother of two children? What if Mrs. Gardiner invited not only Jane, but Elizabeth to spend some time with her in Cheapside after the Netherfield Ball? What if Mrs. Gardiner and Lord Matlock were dear old friends and as a result the Bennet sisters spent a lot of time in his company?

Oh, how I ADORED Lord Matlock! Brava, Lory Lilian! Brava! Original characters that are delightfully eccentric, precocious, and overflowing with personality seem to be a staple in Lory Lilian’s novels. Similar to the unforgettable and vibrant characters Georgette Heyer creates, Lory Lilian has fashioned some very memorable and lovable creations of her own – sweet little Becky Gardiner from Rainy Days, daring and charismatic Lady Cassandra from Remembrance of the Past, and now we get to meet outspoken, mischievous, and impertinent Lord Matlock in His Uncle’s Favorite!

And yet…Lord Matlock isn’t the only original character introduced to us! (Oh happy day!) We also meet Lord Matlock’s daughter Lady Selina, who clearly has inherited her father’s forthright manner, Lady Brightmore, Lady Selina’s mother-in-law who is known to possess peculiar notions, and Lady Sinclair, who, even after marrying a man with wealth and title is still trying to catch Darcy in her traps! One my favorite aspects of this novel was seeing these new creations interact with Jane Austen’s beloved characters. I loved it when Lord Matlock teased Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley about the Bennet sisters, when Lady Brightmore issued thinly-veiled insults to Caroline Bingley, and when Elizabeth deftly redirected Lady Sinclair’s barbs!

Another area where Ms. Lilian’s talent truly shines is illustrating the ardent love and tender attachment between Elizabeth and Darcy. Darcy’s struggle and perseverance and Elizabeth’s discovery and growing affection were beautifully and exquisitely rendered. I loved Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s sweet moments together – on a horse-drawn sleigh in the snow, on Darcy’s horse Thunder, and on their private walks. (Note: in the last forty pages or so the embraces between Darcy and Elizabeth become a good deal more intimate and amorous and for that reason I’d recommend this novel for Mature Audiences only.)

As can be expected, Wickham comes onto the scene at the most inconvenient time to wreck havoc. But in this variation, things looked like they may take a different course…(Yes! Some new developments of Wickham’s character!) [POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD] I loved learning more about Wickham’s past relationship with Lord Matlock; it plausibly explained why Wickham was weak, why he had a sense of entitlement, and why he was so obsessed with the Darcy family. I was thrilled to see Lord Matlock become involved and I loved seeing Wickham finally receive the dressing down he deserves! (Go Lord Matlock!) However, I was disappointed that this change in course didn’t last…Not more than a few hours after having his demands denied and told he will receive no help from anyone (Yes! Good! Take that, Wickham!) Wickham is informed that his debts will be paid, a new commission bought, and a special license purchased so he can marry Lydia. (Gahhh!!)

Any disappointment I felt about Wickham’s fate was far exceeded by my delight in Lord Matlock and his fate! He almost stole the show away from Darcy and Elizabeth! Well done, Lory Lilian!

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New Book In the Works

January 12th, 2014

Lory Lilian has a new novel in the works to be published in July of 2014 titled My Husband, Mr. Darcy.

More Agreeably Engaged: Lory Lilian…Her Hobby and Her Passion!

July 5th, 2013

Lory Lilian…Her Hobby and Her Passion!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome, Lory Lilian, my guest today! She shares her love of PnP and how her writing became a reality. I am so glad that it did as I have read and enjoyed all three of Lory’s books. It is wonderful to have her also share an excerpt from her latest, His Uncles’ Favorite. There is a giveaway too! More about that at the end of the post! Thanks, Lory, and welcome! I love your picture, by the way!

My name is Lory Lilian, I am 44, Romanian, and have been in love with Pride and Prejudice since I was 13. Everything related to Pride and Prejudice and to Darcy and Elizabeth is my hobby and my passion.

Pride and Prejudice1995 had a dramatic and devastating impact on my fascination with Darcy and Elizabeth.

When I first saw the miniseries, I had already been in love with P and P for many years, but I never consider imagining anything beyond what Jane Austen wrote. I started to fantasize about Darcy and Elizabeth’s extra scenes right after I saw the miniseries and discovered that Colin Firth was my perfect Darcy. His gazes at Elizabeth, his silence, his body language, his small gestures, the expression on his face, the pain on his face when he was rejected, the embarrassment when he met Elizabeth at Pemberley, the happiness when he stared at Elizabeth at the pianoforte, his briefly holding her hands at the Lambton Inn and their final kiss in the end, all these were the reasons that made me start writing fanfiction. Each of Colin and Jennifer’s glances, each of their interactions, each of their sparkling dialogs were inspiration for my writing, and all I had to do was to put them in different circumstances and to guess how they would react, based on what I had seen and read.

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1001 English Nights – An Austenesque Extravaganza Vignette

September 3rd, 2012

1001 English Nights – Part two

“So, I see you did take me at my word, my dearest wife. You started you own novel, as I suggested.”

“You should know that I always do as you suggest, my dear husband,” Catherine blushed, while her husband placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Than I would suggest to prepare for dinner and “ he whispered, his lips almost touching her ear “ after dinner I shall try to find a way of entertainment which does not involve writing. Will you put aside your story until tomorrow?”

Catherine’s will was not in her power any longer; her strength had long abandoned her, while her mind could think of little else except Henry’s warm breathe, burning her skin. What story could he possibly means?

The next morning, it was not until the sun invaded her chamber that Catherine finally woke up.

She looked around  her husband was not there and rightfully so, as it was very late in the day.

She gently touched the pillow where he had rested – though ‘rested’ was not quite the proper word.

Blushing to her own words, she allowed the previous night memories to occupy her mind for an instant, than she send them away and started to prepare for the day. On her small office, she spotted the papers from the previous day – her story -  waiting. Yes, that would do perfectly.


Act three

Young and beautiful  Susananini, at her age of sixteen, was oblivious to all her father’s struggle and turmoil. In truth, she could hardly remember her father’s features, except for the paint that was watching over from the wall of her chamber.

Her maids, frightened and tearful,  brought news about the hoards of armies which surrounded the castle, which threatened to subjugate their manor, in their attempt to win her as a bride for one of their sons. Young Susananini glanced at her image in the mirror, wondering at such fullness. Presuming the eight lords and their army will forcefully enter the manor, what could they pretend? How will they decided whose bride will she became?

 She cared little about all these, because there were months since she knew her heart had been touched once for ever, and no one else could find the path to her soul. If he was or not one of those who were ready to die for her hand – there was no way for her to find.

It was one morning, very early, when she escape her rooms and run to the main balcony, to witness the sunrise The eunuchs were there, guarding along the main hall so she could not leave and no other creature could enter. Yet, the main door opened and, for not longer than a moment, he appeared in the door frame, only a few steps away from her. She remembered his eyes – blue as the sky  – staring at her, and his glance penetrating her soul and steeling the blood from her vain.  A cold shiver along her spine stoned her, while she could feel  his eyes traveling along her body – as she was dressed only in her night gowns. His lips, full and wet, opened to speak but that moment a din of voices and countless, heavy steps broke the silence – so in a minute she disappeared. She knew too well, that, had her father would discover that the strange laid his eyes upon her, it would be the last sight he would ever seen.

Since that moment, not a single moment pass without her remembering his eyes, his strong countenance, his features, his glance – and not a single night passed without her dreaming about him, while neither her mind nor he body could find peace and rest. If he was not the one to win her hand in marriage, to take her as his bride, to teach her about love and passion – no one could be…


Catherine found herself in sudden need of some cold water. Her lips became dry and a warm wave traveled along her skin. She cast another quick glance to the bed – which was still undone – wondering where her husband was. She read again and again what she had just wrote, wondering what would Henry think of her, if he would take a glimpse of Act three. Was it proper for a young, married lady, to think of such things and – even worse – to put them on a paper ? Will she ever dare to read those passages to Henry – as surely he will demand to know the rest of the story?  Or would she better rip the paper and write act three all over again,  within of the bond of decorum? What should she do ?


 Curious what happens next? Check the link to Carey Allyn Pierson’ blog and enjoy 1001 English Nights – Part 3 !



So little time…: Rainy Days By Lory Lilian, Review and GIVEAWAY!

July 30th, 2012

Rainy Days is one of my top favorite Pride and Prejudice variations! I don’t know how many times I’ve reread this! But with all the great JAFF books out there I haven’t lacked any new reading material. Needless to say, it’s been a while since I’ve reread this. So, recently, I took the time.What if, Elizabeth, during one of her long morning walks, gets caught in a torrential downpour? As she is seeking shelter at a near by cottage, Elizabeth is almost run over by Darcy on horseback. Startled by Elizabeth, the horse rears up, throwing Darcy to the ground then runs off. With nowhere else to go, Darcy accompanies Elizabeth to the cottage. Spending time alone together affords them a chance to really get to know each other. Right away Darcy realizes Elizabeth has a very low opinion of him and Elizabeth learns that Mr. Darcy finds her more than tolerable. Darcy, who has been fighting his feelings for Elizabeth all along, now knows he cannot let her go.

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Austenesque Reviews: Remembrance of the Past – Lory Lilian + GIVEAWAY

April 22nd, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012Remembrance of the Past – Lory Lilian + GIVEAWAYFalling in Love at PemberleyRating: 4.5 out of 5 starsWhat if Elizabeth encountered Darcy in London before she left on her tour with the Gardiners? What if Darcy invited Elizabeth and her family to Pemberley as his guests? What if there was another important woman in Darcy’s life that many expected him to marry?

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From Spotlight on Austen Extravaganza

August 20th, 2011

Spotlight Saturday – Lory Lilian


Shocking! How did Lady Catherine manage to inspire my writing?
Meredith, first I want to thank you for hosting my post on your blog and to congratulate you for the wonderful event you have created this month. It has been such a joy to follow it and to be part of it!
My name is Lory Lilian, I am 43 — today — Romanian, and have been in love with Pride and Prejudice since I was 13. The day I discovered JAFF was one of the happiest of my life as I realized there were other people like me out there — people who simply could not have enough of Darcy and Elizabeth!
I have two books published by Meryton Press — and that was another happy moment of my life, as I never imagined my passion would come out in print form — LOL! I still am surprised, flattered, and grateful to see so many people interested in buying my books, especially since they are available on line for free in the Meryton Reading Room. As I got many messages asking about this, I would like to take this opportunity to say that both Remembrance and Rainy Days are in the process of being edited for e-book versions (Kindle, Nook, etc.) — together with second editions of the paperbacks.
So, dear readers — back to today’s post!
Those of you who haven’t read my books yet most likely never will after reading these confessions.
Those of you who have read my books — and especially those who know me by the name I was given by JAFF readers: “Queen of Mush” — will certainly raise their eyebrows in disbelief, saying “Yeah, right… What part exactly was influenced by Lady Catherine? Not the very detailed wedding nights, I hope!”
Yet, it is the truth: I have just realized that Lady C had a pretty important influence in my creation of the original (i.e., non-canon) characters in both books.
Rainy Days is a sweet, romantic love story with little angst, which tried to answer some questions, like: What if Darcy and Elizabeth had the chance to actually talk and listen to each other earlier than in the original story? What if Elizabeth’s eyes had been opened earlier to the impropriety of Wickham’s behavior and she had looked beyond his pleasant appearance? What if Darcy knew Elizabeth’s real opinion of him before the disastrous marriage proposal? What if Mr. Bennet had the chance to exchange a few words with him?

So, I put Darcy and Elizabeth together in forced circumstances two days before the Netherfield ball and forced them to talk. Of course, not all things are said in the open during that short encounter and not all the problems are solved, but the relationships among all the characters starts to change, and the Netherfield ball is an entirely different event.

I tried to introduce and develop a few characters with real impact in the story: Lord and Lady Matlock —strong personalities with different opinions and different reactions, engaged in battles of will during the story — and a small character (in size and importance!) named Rebecca Gardiner, a little girl of four and a half years, who was much loved by the readers and me.

Both Lord and Lady Matlock have many similarities to Lady Catherine.
Lady Matlock — like Lady C — is rich, stubborn, proud, a little selfish, preoccupied only with her family, and convinced that Elizabeth is a fortune hunter who trapped Darcy with her charms. However, I gave Lady Matlock many qualities that Lady C does not possess: beauty, wisdom, charm, tenderness, openness of mind, fairness — and many others.
Lord Matlock — well, he is Lady Catherine’s brother and much like her, but he is also Lady Matlock’s husband and never has a real chance to impose his will over his wife’s.
As for Becky — no, she has no resemblance to Lady Catherine at all! 
Remembrance of the Past is an entirely different story. It begins in London — just before Elizabeth and the Gardiners’ departure for the Lakes — while Elizabeth is still overwhelmed by Darcy’s disastrous proposal at Hunsford and by her own unfair, hasty reaction to it. One day the fates bring her face to face with Darcy, Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam, and from that moment, there is turmoil as she fights to understand her heart, her feelings and her desires as they become stronger and stronger. Also, a new character, who is a stunningly beautiful and rich heiress — and a close friend of Darcy —only increases Elizabeth’s struggle. There is a fair amount of angst in this story.

Half of the readers loved Lady Cassandra from the beginning, while the other half hated her, especially as she seemed to be Elizabeth’s rival. She was a character who brought me great satisfaction while writing her, and the readers’ responses to her proved to me that she had captured everybody’s attention in one way or another. She is a strong character with lots of impact over the other characters and also has a hidden, emotional story from the past. And yes, she also has many similarities to Lady Catherine. I even took words that originally belonged to Lady C and put them in Cassandra’s mouth.

In fact, as some of my readers have noticed, she is a sort of Lady C, but much younger, more beautiful, more witty, more charming, and more fair and honest. Oh yes – and much more sexy! 
In the end, Cassandra turns from a hateful character like Lady C into a very useful character for the storyline to show Elizabeth’s growth from a young girl full of uncertainties to a young woman, happily married, and trusting her own strengths as well as her husband’s love and devotion and the strength of their bond.
Last but not least, I just started a new story called “His Uncle’s Favorite” — which is being posted as a WIP at AHA — where the original character of Lord Matlock, Darcy’s uncle and Lady C’s brother, again appears and plays an important part in the story. And guess what? Once more, there are not only lots of Lady C’s words and behaviors in Lord Matlock’s interactions but also many likable qualities — and I dare say my readers will come to enjoy him much more than Lady Catherine!
So, thinking of all these and considering I do seem to allow Lady Catherine to influence my writing, do you, dear readers, think I should be worried?!
And — if you read my stories — please let me know your opinion: Do my characters really resemble Lady Catherine?

Coming Soon

August 8th, 2011

We’re happy to announce that Lory’s books, Rainy Days and Remembrance of the Past are both being worked on to be released as new editions.  Along with paperback versions, these novels will be available for the first time in digital format.  Although there are no dates as of yet for the releases, Remembrance of the Past is in the later stages with a revised cover being designed, while Rainy Days is in the editing stage.

Remembrance of the Past to be featured on Austenesque Extravaganza

August 7th, 2011



Hello friends! Austenesque Extravaganza is less than two weeks away! I hope you all are as excited as I am! The authors, bloggers, and publishers that are a part of this event are such fantastic people and I consider myself extremely fortunate that they are wanting and willing to participate in Austenesque Extravaganza!

Want to know who these wonderful people are??? Here is the very long list of authors, bloggers, and publishers that are participating in Austenesque Extravaganza. Next month you will see these lovely people writing posts, chatting it up on twitter, and giving away some fabulous Austenesque prizes!

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Remembrance of the Past

December 13th, 2010

In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet unexpectedly met Mr. Darcy while visiting Pemberley.

In Remembrance of the Past, Elizabeth Bennet and her relatives – Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner – are in London, ready to start their tour to the Lakes in June. During this time, Elizabeth’s path crosses with Mr. Darcy’s again.

However, Mr. Darcy is not alone in London: besides his close family – Georgiana and Colonel Fitzwilliam – an old and dear friend has returned and claimed a well-deserved place in their lives. This is a story about hopes and desires, about losses and fears, about second chances and happiness.