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More Agreeably Engaged: Lory Lilian…Her Hobby and Her Passion!

Lory Lilian…Her Hobby and Her Passion!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome, Lory Lilian, my guest today! She shares her love of PnP and how her writing became a reality. I am so glad that it did as I have read and enjoyed all three of Lory’s books. It is wonderful to have her also share an excerpt from her latest, His Uncles’ Favorite. There is a giveaway too! More about that at the end of the post! Thanks, Lory, and welcome! I love your picture, by the way!

My name is Lory Lilian, I am 44, Romanian, and have been in love with Pride and Prejudice since I was 13. Everything related to Pride and Prejudice and to Darcy and Elizabeth is my hobby and my passion.

Pride and Prejudice1995 had a dramatic and devastating impact on my fascination with Darcy and Elizabeth.

When I first saw the miniseries, I had already been in love with P and P for many years, but I never consider imagining anything beyond what Jane Austen wrote. I started to fantasize about Darcy and Elizabeth’s extra scenes right after I saw the miniseries and discovered that Colin Firth was my perfect Darcy. His gazes at Elizabeth, his silence, his body language, his small gestures, the expression on his face, the pain on his face when he was rejected, the embarrassment when he met Elizabeth at Pemberley, the happiness when he stared at Elizabeth at the pianoforte, his briefly holding her hands at the Lambton Inn and their final kiss in the end, all these were the reasons that made me start writing fanfiction. Each of Colin and Jennifer’s glances, each of their interactions, each of their sparkling dialogs were inspiration for my writing, and all I had to do was to put them in different circumstances and to guess how they would react, based on what I had seen and read.

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